“Female Balance is wonderful! I am able to sleep better at night and my irritability is gone. I feel I can handle my life.”
—Cindy W.

“My life has become so much more manageable. I am now able to handle the PMS stress that comes my way. I recommend this formula to everyone.”
—Rebecca G.

“I used to spend the first day of my period with a hot pad and a bottle of pain killers. Now I feel confident about my body. I feel I can do anything! It’s amazing!”
—Nicole L.

“Most of my PMS symptoms have stopped or subsided. My life has completely shifted from what I was experiencing before.”
—Sue S.

“I love it!! The week before my period Female Balance balances out my hormones so I don’t feel so crazy and I’ve stopped thinking that everything is so sad.”
—Rene H.

“During my period it curbs my cravings. Before I took Female Balance, I’d eat everything in the house.”
—Pam L.

“For me it does anything I need it to do, if I feel moody, crampy, headachy, or whatever, it takes care of it.”
—Christy S.

“It massages a little hormone gland in my brain that says to me, “Everything is OK, you’ll be OK.”
—Katie C.

“I asked my chiropractor and he said, ‘Try this, it will help you.’”
—Allison M.

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