About Us

Who is Female Balance?

Female Balance Natural Herbal PMS Remedy first started with the question: “What if teens and women could feel good every day of the month, without the typical PMS symptoms of cramping, bloating, muscle aches, cravings, and mood swings that make so many women feel uncomfortable or out-of-control?”

A small group of herbalists and women’s health educators came together feeling a strong desire to create a powerful, and yet natural healing remedy. They set about researching and testing different herbal combinations, then observing and recording what really worked.

Female Balance is effective because of their unique understanding of how herbal combinations work together in harmony. Plus, they added some powerful enzymes that assist a woman’s body to break down and assimilate the herbs quickly and efficiently.

Our natural herbal PMS remedy is healthy, supportive and balancing. It isn’t a cover-up drug with artificial ingredients or chemicals. The ingredients are 100% natural and the herbs are fully inspected and certified. We belong to a NSF good manufacturing process facility, and we exceed national potency standards for every herb that we use.

Female Balance Herbal PMS Remedy was created because we are committed to empowering women to feel better and to be able to be creative, dynamic, and joyful every day of the month.

Who is Naturally You?

Naturally You! LLC is dedicated to brining the best in natural products to our customers. Our company is comprised of several small companies that produce natural and organic supplements and household products. We are constantly searching out and researching new natural products that we can add to our already powerful line-up of products.

Started in 2013 with a dream of providing high quality natural products to our customers, the owners of Naturally You visited with companies across the United States selecting only those who met their strict requirements and vision for the Comapny. We have quickly expanded the globe since launching the company at the end of August of 2013.

Although we are a new company, Naturally You! LLC is comprised of elements that have been operating for over 15 years. Our products are tried and tested, and we have a lot of satisfied customers all over the world!

Naturally You is a family owned and operated company. Our customers are treated with respect and we work to ensure satisfaction with every transaction.

Your purchase helps support autism awareness

Naturally You! LLC donates a portion of sales to organizations that promote Autism Awareness and Research. Our mission is personal and we want to shine a light on this condition that effects so many within our population.

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